Our top 7 ways to make the most of your commute

London is an energetic city, full to the brim of history and culture. Those that live and work there are attracted to the fast-paced lifestyle. But for those
commuting into the city, the daily journey can sometimes feel like a necessary evil.

However, we believe that your commute doesn’t have to be a waste. We’ve pulled together a few ways we think you can enjoy the journey: here are our top 7 ways to make the most of your commute into London.

1. Audiobooks and Podcasts

If reading makes you sleepy try an Audiobook from your favourite author. Podcasts are also a great way to spend 20 or 30 minutes. From crime thrillers to
self-improvement, there’s an endless world of audio content waiting to keep you entertained and informed.

2. Be Mindful

Take advantage of your commute to practice mindfulness and promote inner peace. Try deep breathing exercises or listen to guided meditation apps to help reduce stress and set a positive tone for the day. Embrace the journey as a time for self-reflection and relaxation.

3. Read more

With modern technology replacing many things, sometimes we forget how therapeutic it can be to pick up a good old book. Challenge yourself to read more and enjoy the feel of the pages while you’re transported to a different world for 45 minutes!

4. Get Your Game On

Transform your smartphone into a portable gaming console and indulge in some casual gaming during your commute. Whether you prefer brain teasers, puzzles, or action-packed adventures, there’s a game to suit every taste. Just remember to look up from the screen occasionally to avoid missing your stop! 

5. Embrace Your Creative Side

If you’re a budding artist or writer, why not use your commute as a place to create? Carry a sketchbook or a notebook and let your imagination run wild.
Capture the beauty of the city or pen down your thoughts and ideas. You might be surprised at the inspiration that comes to you during your daily travels.

6. Music

The go-to for many commuters. Pop those noise-cancelling headphones on and listen to your favourite tunes, or even your choice of radio station. Just make sure you don’t forget where you are and start singing along!

7. Prepare and plan

Taking care of household or routine tasks is another way to save time in the long run.
Prepare your meal plan for the week, take care of the insurance renewal on the train, or make a shopping list so you can be more efficient in your free time.

Downtime on your bus or train doesn’t have to be a slog: we hope you enjoy our ideas for
making the most of every moment! Happy commuting!