We provide our clients with Laundry Services to allow them to provide their staff with a hassle-free, high-quality towel supply for on site showers and office gyms.

Service Overview

Our Laundry Services are designed to make life for the staff within an organisation as hassle-free as possible. We work seamlessly with our clients to provide them with a high-quality, luxury towel supply service for on-site showers and office gyms. This includes washing and folding as well as ironing. Our services include picking up and delivering the towels to our clients’ premises. 


We offer a full range of towels supply Laundry Services to facilitate all of our clients’ need. Our services include: 

  • On-site collection 
  • Washing of towels
  • Folding of towels
  • Ironing of towels
  • Other specific cleaning requirements