plants & flower displays

plants & flower displays

We provide our clients with Plant & Flower Displays to keep their office spaces looking stunning.

Service Overview

We provide our clients with a premium, design-led service using the best quality plants and flowers, specifically suited for corporate office spaces. Our Plant & Flower Displays are uniquely designed to complement and fit your office space, ranging from both large and small displays. We also run a premium corporate floristry service including roof gardens and living walls. 


Our Plant and Flower Display services are like no other due to the unique way in which we service our clients. We begin by using our stylistic design flair to create a solution bespoke to your space. Once we have installed your flowers and plants we create a personalised care plan to ensure your selection is always looking its best. 

Our services include: 

  • Indoor Plants
  • Outdoor Plants 
  • Green Walls
  • Gift Bouquets